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HDfury3 - HDMI to Component/VGA
This product is no longer availabe

Full Digital to Analog Conversion With the HDfury3

The HDfury3 is the most powerful HDMI to component converter available on the market. Not every display has HDMI inputs or enough of them to handle all of the HDMI sources you have. Convert any HDMI signal, including HDCP enabled HDMI signals, to the more widely supported component signal format.

Full HDMI Feature Support

  • HDMI 1.3 with Deep ColorTM support
  • 1080p/72
  • 2-channel analog & Dolby/DTS 5.1 digital
  • Dual HDMI input with built in switching
  • Component or RGBHV output (user selectable)

Exactly What Your Home Theater Is Missing

The HDfury3 adds the desperately needed support to be able to go from HDMI to component. With this HDMI to component converter you can get the flexibility you need to use any of your digital video sources on any of your displays. If it supports a component or VGA signal the HDfury3 will be able to connect your HDMI source to it.

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